Parker is Dance Manifesto’s front woman/chanteuse/diva extraordinaire. She brings a lilting soprano with a four octave range, incredible stamina, and madd rap skills to the group. She can align your chakras while you dance your way to ecstasy and make you one with your friends on the dancefloor.


Kent is the active multi-instrumentalist in Dance Manifesto and can play keys and guitar at the same time!! He’s successfully blurred the lines between string and synth with his Roland-equipped arsenal of Ibanez guitars. Kent is a true renaissance man and holds numerous honors in marksmanship as well as cycling. Kent is a whiz on the acoustic guitar and plays in a duet on the side, and lately he’s been honing his bass skills as well. As I write this I think he’s trying to take over the world….


Jay is a true musician to his core and keeps instruments close at hand at all times. If you were to visit his office, you’d find a ukulele, a Strat, a desktop drumset, and an 18″ subwoofer. A gifted singer and guitarist, Jay brings multiple talents to Dance Manifesto and holds down the rhythm section on drums. If Jay looks familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen him front his other band, Rave Parade.


Dave is the “low man” on the totem pole in Dance Manifesto. His musical influences are too numerous to mention but he gives special thanks to his teachers M.V., D.P., J.R., and J.M., and especially his mom who provided needed encouragement at a young age. One of his core beliefs about the bass guitar is that it should be felt as well as heard. Because it’s all about the feels.